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On-Site Massage

kk wellbeing encompasses a great deal more than the simple practice of massage therapy to focus on prevention. Learn more

Wellness Incentive Days

A powerful way of thanking your staff for their commitment or to lighten the mood and help you minimise health related costs! Learn more


By helping you be responsible for your life, your wellbeing will shoot up! Learn more

KK Wellbeing – Feel Good

  • Feel good

  • Feel the benefits

  • Reduce tension

  • Ease stress

  • Relaxing and energising

  • Promote sense of wellbeing




  • Staff who feel valued go the extra mile
  • Employees feel good

  • Healthy addition to benefits package

  • Focussed employees


If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.

Richard Branson

Staying upbeat and positive can be a challenge for any workforce particularly as so many businesses across the country are, or have been going through major changes. kk wellbeing’s role is about helping your employees balance their emotional roller coaster and feel good in general so that they can fully enjoy their work and be at work.

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise across many business sectors in England covers corporate wellbeing coaching, wellness incentive days and on-site massage. In addition we can support individuals with remote life coaching sessions so that they can feel good at home too.

Our logo encapsulates the ethos behind our services and their many benefits right from the dandelion symbolising ‘happiness’ to the colours we chose. Turquoise is about opening flows of communication and the ability to enjoy life, whilst purple is the key to good judgement and peace of mind in a changing business environment.

Wellbeing programmes aren’t just for large companies either. The 2009 Sunday Times Best Companies survey shows that the majority of companies across the UK have one in place.