kk wellbeing track record in helping people feel good across England is simply outstanding. Our 2010 customer surveys showed a high level of customer’s commitment with 100% of our clients rating the service they received as excellent.

With a clients’ portfolio spanning from Leeds City Council to Barclays Bank, Halifax Bank, Manchester Airport, Leeds Bradford Airport, Selfridges Manchester, Harrogate Grammar School, St John Fishers School Harrogate, Salsa Holidays Spain and the Ideal Home Exhibition, we have a wealth of expertise across varied sectors.

Here is what some of the businesses we work with and their employees had to say about us:

“Kay has provided chair massage to our front line customer service teams in our 17 public offices and in the contact centre. The idea of having the chair massage on site is to relieve tension and reduce neck and shoulder problems. This used to be one of the main reasons customer services staff were off sick.

The customer services staff have 20 mins massage in the workplace. It is 20 mins away from a high pressured environment.

As the Head of the department I have seen the results the chair massage brings. It makes our people feel valued. Our staff satisfaction is the highest in our organisation. One staff quote which to me sums this whole service up is around day after day listening to customers problems but at all times remaining polite and professional. The reason the Customer officer said she did this was because she know the Council care about her.How does she know the Council cares about her?

The investment in providing this service.

As for Kay,she is a delight to work with. Kay regularly talks through issues with Customer services officers whilst they are on the chair so stopping personal or work related escalating.

I recommend Kay and her services.

Please also see my recommendation for life coaching services which Kay has delivered for us.”

Susan Murray

Head, Customer Contact LCC

“Kays been visiting our offices on a monthly basis for the last few years.

Over those years I have always had a great experience with Kay ,finding her professional and reliable. She provides calm and relaxation on otherwise busy days.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kay.”

Julian Ward

Engaging with digital talent

“Kay visits our offices every month for ‘in chair’ massage with the team. Everyone looks forward to these sessions, she’s excellent at her job, puts people at ease very quickly and is extremely professional. I have recommended her to many people because I can see first hand the benefit this has for our team so its money well spent!”

Kathryn Boxall

Director, Boxclever

“Kay has delivered an excellent service as part of our wider staff benefits package, with staff surveys telling us this is one of our most popular perks. Kay is extremely professional an coupled with her very knowledgeable an skilled approach to her neck, shoulder and back massages, I cant recommend highly enough.”

Craig Chalmers

CEO and founder, Sticky Eyes

“It is money well spent when staff are happy to come in to work and provide good customer services.”

Gayna E.

“My sickness record is super. I don’t have any! I feel that the chair massages seen by many as a perk are essential to staff wellbeing.”

John A.

“Kay put me at ease straight away. I found her very open and approachable with a good sense of humour… Kay did a great job of making me bring clarity to my process,… define and then achieve my goals.”

Seamus D.

“Chair massages with kk wellbeing relieve the stress of the day, and make me feel revitalised and re-refreshed. They help me clear my mind and give me a sense of wellbeing which leaves me happy and ready to face the rest of the day!”

Penny H.