Regular chair massage therapy has been recognised as a simple way to provide relief for aches and pains, good health and mental happiness. kk wellbeing encompasses a great deal more than the simple practice of massage therapy to focus on prevention.

Relaxing on our ergonomically designed chair, whilst our therapist works to prevent common problems such as back ache, neck ache, helps employees feel good about themselves and keep healthy. Crucially staff enjoy being at work!

  • On-site chair massage is delivered as a 20 minute massage, covering a course of massages over agreed period.
  • The acupressure massage (based on Amma Japanese Acupressure massage) works on pressure point to increase body energy flow, stimulate circulation and relieve muscles tension.

This helps restore a feeling of well-being, relieve tired muscles and reduce adverse effects associated with repetitive work tasks and prolonged sitting positions. Employees feel good right away.

As they do business performance is improved and absenteeism reduced. Companies across Leeds, Sheffield, and Manchester have been bringing kk wellbeing’s on-site chair massage to their premises for years as they reap the benefits attached to their business performance and reputation!

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