Do you know that the well being of individuals in your team or organisation can deeply affect customer relations and ultimately business growth?

kk wellbeing coaching’s ethos hinges on the recognition that people need to be responsible for their own wellbeing. While running KK Chair Massage, Kay Kirkby identified a gap to provide coaching to employees as most of them sought her advice and support during the 20 minutes chair massage session.

By running wellbeing coaching workshops and one-to-one sessions, we aim to help workforce attain the greatest gifts of all, that of good health and wellness:

  • The one-to-one wellness coaching is generally delivered over an hour slot through 6 sessions depending on the individual needs;
  • The workshops are tailored to your business needs and can be delivered as half day sessions or full day sessions starting with a coaching workshop for groups up to twelve and followed by chair massage.
  • Executive one-one coaching including chair massage session.

Our coaching empowers your employees with their own professional life by offering them a path to personal growth and self-development. This approach gives them the opportunity to create their own reality with personal gain ranging from improved self-esteem to self-motivation.

Offering wellbeing programmes will provide you with measurable benefits ranging from growing your business to be a top employer.

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