It never seems as if we have enough hours in the day and a life coach can help us see what tasks are necessary and what ones aren’t, thus freeing up a lot more time or improving our work life balance. But there are many more reasons why you may want our expert wellness coach, Kay Kirkby to work with you.

She will explore with you a number of facets ranging from what you truly want in life and what to do to help you live permanently your best life, to ways to boost your self-esteem and trust your own instinct to find the right solutions. By helping you be responsible for your life, your wellbeing will shoot up!

For the duration of the session Kay is entirely focused on you; helping you to get where you want to be and make it last!

We offer face to face and over the phone life coaching sessions. The face to face session lasts an hour and the phone session 45 minutes.

You may ask how many sessions will I need?

There are no fast or hard rules. We will ensure that we develop a highly tailored programme that works for you, to help you live your best life!